A Federal Agent’s Story

“Seize the damn boat immediately”! The book opens with one little break from work leading to a horrifying international incident where a 6-year-old child is spotted at sea clinging, barely breathing, to an inner-tube. The Federal Agent in charge of international smuggling incidents sacrifices his sleep, yet again. The book’s protagonist works day and night to solve the case and many other cases that endanger the lives of trafficked humans. Moreover, the book unfolds U. S. Border Patrol complexities, portraying Keefer Robbin’s personality and character traits as he struggles and suffers while  wholeheartedly serving his country.

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An Interesting Interview Of

Chief Keith A Roberts On US Border Patrol

Watch the interview of Chief Keith A Roberts in which he discusses the US Border Patrols deployment of the Night Cat 27.



Keith A. Roberts

The author of “Extracting Elián, A Federal Agent's Story” is one of the first ever African American Border Patrol Agents in the near 100-year history of the United States Border Patrol. He was also among the first African Americans to advance to the “Chief” ranks!  

Robert Bob Washington
National Security Agency (NCERDEF) ret.
“An operation conducted with laser-like precision, by a field seasoned federal law enforcement Chief, who understood the line between actionable intelligence and evidence. A rare talent… A true unsung hero!”
Hugo Rodriguez, esq.
Special Agent, FBI (former) .
“An engaging, long awaited recap of an international incident that galvanized the public and seriously challenged the US to ‘Do the right thing’ and reunite a child with his parent, regardless of the risk. Well Done!”
Ben H. Bell III
Director, Office of National Risk Assessment
“A thrilling, insider field commander point-of-the-spear perspective, of an operation that held the American psyche hostage.”
Hipolito Acosta
Author of The Shadow Catcherand The Hunt for Maan Singh, US Government Agent (Ret.)
A must read! I worked with this Agent during my career and viewed this operation. Pure excellence of tactical genius and restraint. I only wish that I had been there! He made us all proud!