About Book

A Federal Agent's Story

The book opens up with the one little break from work leading to a horrifying incident where a kid is stuck in water-tubes, barely breathing which makes the Federal Agent sacrifice his sleep. The book’s protagonist works day and night to solve the case and many other cases that endanger the children’s lives. Moreover, the book unfolds Border Patrol tussles, portraying Robin Keefer’s personality and character traits while struggling throughout and serving wholeheartedly for his country.

Extracting Elian further explains the struggles and incidents that an agent goes through while performing his duty on the border. As “Those who serve their country to live outside themselves, indirectly for the greater good, to put themselves harm and, consequently, suffer.”

The writing majorly metaphors drastic changes in an army person’s behavior whose aggression is not under control and his mere goal is to make the country free of crime and illegal border crossings.